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Healing Group Calls, Meditations, Healing Ceremonies for Personal Development and Spiritual Evolution

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Portal 777 Group Call

Activate your Divine Wisdom 

07/07/2023 8pm Sao Paulo, Brazil time 

via Zoom 


*This Online Group Call will be in Portuguese

A meditative journey with many energetic activations to restore your connection with the Divine Intelligence of your Soul, activate the knowledge that is part of your gifts and that are aligned with your divine plan. With the energies of Celestial Beings, Master Sananda and Merlin

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Events Held

All events that have already taken place are recorded and through quantum energy are timeless, which allows all anchored energy,  healings and energetic activations received during the  event are printed on the recording. Every time the audio is heard, no matter when in the future, it is possible to receive all the benefits  as on the day of the event.  


If you have not participated in these events but wish to receive the benefits, you can purchase them.

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