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Online Group Call - Autumnal Equinox

Open to Receive the Blessings of the Universe

03/20/2023 (Monday) at 8pm Sao Paulo, Brazil time gmt-3 

*This group call will be held in Portuguese* 

This month of March is inviting us to close cycles, to resolve unresolved issues that we bring from the past to be open to new beginnings, new opportunities for growth, evolution, ascension.


But for that, we need to release the burden of challenges, frustrations and exhaustion that many are feeling in this period of personal and collective transformation.

The equinox is a great energetic portal, where the Earth's energy with Spirituality is closer and brings us the opportunity of quantum leaps for our evolution. An impulse so that we can sow new beginnings and connect with opportunities that are more aligned with our Being and our Mission.


I invite you to participate with me in this Autumn Equinox Group Call and bring this moment of transformation and new openings to you and your life.


This group call will have many energy cleansings to release those weights from the past, healing through forgiveness and especially what prevents you from receiving the most positive in all areas of life.


Some benefits of this experience are:

  • Releasing layers of stress, burnout, frustration and stagnation

  • Healing through unconditional love and forgiveness

  • Release of energy blockages

  • Activations of your inner strength and soul wisdom

  • Healing and strengthening your Lightbody

  • Activate your ability to receive the blessings and opportunities

  • Activate the force of fullness

  • Healing and Energy Alignments


It will be a great opportunity to recalibrate your strengths, your energies and your soul potential.

This Group Call will be recorded and sent to all participants within 24 hours after the end of the call. Even if it is not possible for you to be online, you can participate, by registering you will be included in this Group Call Energy Field and receive all the benefits through the recording.

Additional Information: 

When: 20/03/2023 Monday at 8pm São Paulo, Brazil time gmt-3

Duration 1:30h

By Zoom Video Conferencing.

Note: If accessing the Zoom link is via a computer, it is not necessary to download the application. If accessing the video conference is via cell phone, it is necessary to install the free application. There is also the option of accessing the audio of this experience by telephone. All this information will be together with the access link. 


BRL 70.00 per participant

Payment can be made by bank transfer / Pix or card via Paypal. Check it out below. 

Entries to participate online can be made until 6:00 p.m. on 03/20/23, after that time, the entries received will be placed in this Group Call Energy Field  and the recording sent up to 24 hours after the end of the experience.

Thanks! Your registration has been completed. Once the payment is processed you will receive the zoom link by email.

Payment methods


Payment by Bank Transfer:  


My bank details are: 
Bank: Bradesco 237 Branch: 0516 Current Account: 202614-7 Name: Patricia Merkler CPF: 178.132.298-86

My Pix key is my CPF

obs.: please send proof of transfer to my email

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