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Frustration is a silent energy that builds up in our bodies and when we realize it is a big factor of stagnation and blockages in several areas of our lives. 


In this experience he had the energies of Mother Mary and Archangel Raphael and

you will receive healing processes to release the energetic accumulations of frustration and bring more dynamism, increase your inner joy, motivation and determination. And so help you to restore your vitality and raise your frequency. 


As this experience brings a strong energy for the release of energies and activations of light, I recommend listening in a quiet moment, that you can be in a meditative state and that there will be no interruption. Avoid listening to this audio while driving.

By acquiring this experience, you will be receiving an audio in mp3, and the audio is yours as an instrument for your inner balance journey. I ask that for now at all work do not share this audio.

Healing Experience to Release Frustrations and Restore Inner Strength

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