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Leitura dos Registros Akáshicos

Hello dear evolution journey customers and friends!

I have important information about my with the Akashic Records Sessions

After 7 years of dedication to Akashic Records Reading and taking advantage of the beginning of the new astrological year, the time has come for a new step. 

For some time I have been receiving directions from my Masters and my Higher Self about the need to make some adjustments in my treatments and that now it is time for me to focus a little more on my healing gifts.

I will continue to work with the Akashic Records, but from now on in a different way.


Since the beginning of my work with the Records, the session was focused on answers, with details, descriptions and directions for questions such as: purposes and talents or on the origin of some difficulty

And now the session will focus on healing situations, healing bodies and energy centers, activating your gifts and potentials, for your alignment with your Divine Essence and your mission.

If the Masters of Akashic Records deem it necessary, some more detailed information may come, but most of the session will be to assist in your healing and inner transformation.


The entire Akashic Healing process will now be part of my service that I now call Celestial Healing

I bring with me immense gratitude for all these years acting as a Reader of the Akashic Records and for the thousands of readings that have brought so much learning, healing and transformation.


I invite you to get to know my new form of service and to be more and more in alignment with your Soul. 

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