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Peace and Inner Balance Meditation through Multidimensional Healing with Light Language​

Through Multidimensional Healing with Light Language a shift and elevation in your vibrational pattern is achieved.


Where through the transmission of the Language of Light all levels of your Being receive energy and your own Higher Self filters and receives what is most suitable for you. In this way you always receive that which is for your highest good.


Nowadays it is essential to rescue our state of balance, peace in order to be able to lead each step of our journey in more harmony.


As a gift from me to you, below is an Inner Balance and Peace Meditation presenting the benefits of Multidimensional Healing with Light Language.

Important Note : This meditation, as subtle as it is, acts in a deep way on your cells, I recommend listening in a quiet moment, that you can be focused only on meditation and avoid listening while driving.  

Meditation in Portuguese

Meditação Equilibrio e Paz Interior Cura com Linguagem da LuzPatricia Merkler
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Also see my YouTube channel for more meditations. Like this blessing below that brings the energies of the Divine Mother and the Flow of Cosmic and Divine Love (this meditation is bilingual)

Testimonials from the Individual Session
Multidimensional Healing with Light Language 

With Multidimensional Healing with Light Language, Patricia and her Masters have the ability to tune in to what is happening and the scan was clear and accurate.

In my session Patricia and her guides gifted me with strong energy and wisdom, giving me guidance and tools to use that helped me to ground myself, to consciously walk in freedom, to be open to receive healing, releasing currents that were holding me arresting, helping me grow in confidence and freedom to find and use my own voice and embody my gifts in service to others. Generous and compassionate, Patricia's gifts helped me find deeper connections with myself. His guidance is powerfully liberating.


I sincerely recommend Patricia and her services to anyone interested in working with her. "


"My Light Language Multidimensional Healing session with Patricia was wonderful!


I had some energy blocks, due to some health problems and I can say that this method had surgical precision.  

Everything has been unlocked and clarified. At the end of the session, the feeling was of lightness and happiness that lasted for several days". 


My experience with Patricia Merkler's Multidimensional Healing with Light Language session was very deep and special.


The healing took place in my childhood where many fears, sorrows and needs were released. At the end of the session my inner child was jumping for joy and I could feel the excitement and happiness overflowing my heart. 


Book your individual session of Multidimensional Healing with Light Language through the form below and receive the transmission of Light and Unconditional Love exactly for what is most necessary for you to heal and help you to be more in alignment with your Divine Essence and activate your Alma's innate gifts and talents.  ​


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