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Through the Language of Love I help you to find your Divinity again! 

What is Light Language Healing?

It is a process of energetic healing through the transmission of the vibration and frequency of the purest and highest energy of Angels, Archangels, Sacred Beings of the higher Spheres of Light, which communicates directly with your soul, with the aim of restoring your original energy itself.

A Light Language Healing session is a powerful vibrational healing experience that acts as an instrument of healing and inner awakening.

Where there will be energetic clearings and activations that work at the cellular level to restore the vibration of the chakras and all bodies, raise your vibrational frequency and assist you on your divine path.

A cure may include:

  • The Release of stagnant energies in bodies, meridians and systems;

  • Restoration and upgrade of your chakras and all bodies;

  • Release of emotions, beliefs and blockages that prevent the manifestation of your vital and energetic force;

  • Through the Akashic Records healings of past life patterns and bonds that prevent their realization;

  • The dissolution of soul contracts that no longer serve;

  • Release of scarcity patterns and limitations;

  • Activate more light, energy and raise your vibrational frequency;

  • Awaken and activate you to remember your soul gifts and talents.

  • Activating and updating your DNA and your original plan

  • Activations with Sacred Geometries

  • Align you with your divine potential self


The Light Language Healing session is suitable for dealing with situations in any area of life that you want transformation and healing. The session can be directed to the restoration of your vitality, worklife, lovelife and your prosperity.

When you hear and receive the vibration of the Language of Light, your Higher Self directs the healing energy to where it is needed, whether in this or in other existences, and acts quickly in the dissolution of traumas, energy blocks, raises your vibrational frequency, promotes quantum leaps. and connects you with the New Age energies of Earth.

Light Language Healing is an ancient and advanced technology at the same time to assist you on your Healing and Ascension Journey.  

What is Light Language?

The Language of Light is the transmission of the frequency of love, light, consciousness and universal and multidimensional wisdom transmitted through sounds, intonations, mantras and symbols.

It is a high frequency vibrational language that goes beyond the understanding of the logical mind, but that communicates directly with the Soul. The closest we have to the Language of Light are sacred languages like Sanskrit and Hebrew. Where a word can contain several meanings and its energetic vibrations.

Healing with the Language of Light is a compressed transmission of information, divine rays, sacred codes that assist in the vibrational restoration of all bodies and helps those who receive this transmission to remember what it is like to vibrate in the frequency of the Primordial Light of the Creator.


Light Language Healing Session

The service is from a distance, with a day and time. It lasts up to 50 min.   

Distance care can be done in two ways, online via Skype or Zoom video conference, or you send me your data, I perform the distance healing, record the audio and email the recording to you.

I make myself available to you to be this multidimensional channel of Light Language and to provide a vibrational shift and greater alignment with your Divine Essence.

Healing with Light Language

The session fee is BRL 300.00. 

Payment can be made by transfer/Pix or up to 3 installments on the card by Paypal or Pagseguro. 

Receive a gift transmission of Light Language Healing 

Experience the benefits of Light Language Healing created as a gift for you right now.

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