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Celestial Healing

Reconnecting with your Inner Light & Potential 

It is an intuitive and multidimensional energy healing session where I take you on a meditative journey so that you can receive the healing energies of Archangels, Ascended Masters, Divine Mothers, Beings from the Highest Spheres of Light and the healing power of crystals.


To restore your light body, raise your energy and transform difficulties in any area of your life, release limiting beliefs and patterns, bring healing to emotions, rescue your inner power and assist in your ascension process.


Each session is unique and will focus on what is needed for the situation or healing intention you have on the day of the service. A deep soul healing process to release what holds you to the past and assist you on your path of expansion.


The Celestial Healing session may include:

  • Healing, balancing and empowering on all levels of your Being

  • Akashic Healing

  • ancestral healing

  • Release of beliefs and patterns of behavior

  • Release of blockages and limitations

  • Healing and Restoring your Chakras and Bodies

  • DNA activations

  • Reconnection with your Gifts and Talents


And whatever else needs healing to help you reconnect with your Inner Potential and be in alignment with your Divine Essence.


Can be performed for:

These are some examples of what can be worked on in a session

  • Release obstacles, stagnations and blockages in any area of your life that prevent your happiness and fullness

  • Cure some aspect of your personality such as self-esteem, self-confidence, self-love

  • Inner Child Healing

  • Physical, mental, emotional healing and restoration

  • Family Relationship Healing

  • Love Relationship Healing

  • Prosperity and Abundance

  • Clear roadblocks

  • Alignment with your ascension path

  • Activate your potentials

  • Restoring your Inner Power


Celestial Healing Session

The service is remote, with day and appointment. It is up to 50 min long.   

The session can be online via Zoom video conference or remotely onde you send me your data, I perform the distant healing, I record the audio and send the recording by email to you. 

I make myself available to assist you in aligning yourself with your highest potential.  

Session fee is $300,00. 

Payment can be made by transfer/Pix or up to 3 times on the card via Paypal. 

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