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Fairies Frequency

Online Retreat

Monday 5/22/23 from 8pm to 9pm São Paulo, Brazil time gmt-3


This is an invitation for you and your inner child!


Since last week during my meditations one of the aspects of my Being which is a fairy is very present.


Where she brought the message “It is part of our ascension process to be in harmony and balance with all the divine kingdoms, with our personal elemental and it is fundamental to strengthen the joy and light of our inner child”


This encounter will be a meditative process with Light Language transmissions, light codes and soundhealing from the Fairies.


Light Language is the language of the soul and universal love, a frequency of light and sound received and understood by the heart.


They are Ascension Frequencies that act at the cellular level and in the DNA to dynamically release the densest memories, miasms of the past, favoring the process of evolution in the awakening of our personal strength.


This will be the first Fairies Frequency Online Gathering and the main theme of this experience is Joy.


At this meeting you will receive:

- Cleansing and purification codes for all your bodies and energy system

- Inner Child Healing

- Light Activations so you can anchor more of your Soul strength and the Multidimensional Being that you are

- Elevation of your Frequency and Joy

- Ascension and Awakening Codes

- Upgrade your chakras and energetic bodies

- Connection with the energies of 5D, New Earth and New Era


The flow of this experience will be dynamic and created with what is most needed according to the participants.


As my Fairy told me: "The World is lacking in joy, the genuine energy of joy has been corrupted and we need to awaken and seed this powerful expansive force of Joy that is within us"


This experience will be recorded and the audio sent to all participants, so you can participate even if you can't be online.

*Bring a glass of drinking water for a special blessing*

Additional information about this meeting

When: May 22, 2023 (Monday) from 8:00 pm to 9:30 pm 

How: Through the Zoom video conferencing app.

After your registration and payment of the exchange value, an access link to the experience will be sent to your email. 

obs.: This meeting will be recorded and sent to all participants within 24 hours after the end of the experience.

If it is not possible for you to be online at the time of the Experience, you can also participate. By registering, you will be part of the group, which allows you to receive through quantum energy all the energies, cures and activations carried out during the experience.And every time you listen to the recording you will be getting all the benefits of the experience all over again.  

Note: If accessing the Zoom link is via a computer, it is not necessary to download the application. If accessing the video conference is via cell phone, it is necessary to install the free application. There is also the option of accessing the audio of this experience by telephone. All this information will be together with the access link. 


Investment: BRL (Brazilian Reais) 80.00 per participant

Payment can be made by pix or card via Paypal. Check it out below. 

Registration to participate online can be made until 6 pm on 05/22/23, after that time, the registrations received will be placed in the sacred space of this group call and the recording sent up to 24 hours after the end of the online gathering.

**This Fairies Frequency Online Retreat will be in Portuguese, please send me an message to if you are interested in the same gathering in English**

Register for the Online Retreat - Fairies Frequency

To complete your registration, please fill out the form below and pay your registration fee. 

**Filling out this form is mandatory so that you can receive the access link for the experience and the recording.

Thanks! Your registration has been completed.

Payment methods


Payment by Bank Transfer:  


My bank details are: 
Bank: Bradesco 237 Branch: 0516 Current Account: 202614-7 Name: Patricia Merkler CPF: 178.132.298-86

Pix key is my CPF  

obs.: please send proof of transfer along with your CPF to my email

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