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Release Guilt and Expand your Life

Online Light Language & Sound Healing Retreat

05/30/2023 (Tuesday) at 8pm São Paulo, Brazil time gmt-3 

Have you ever stopped to think how much the weight of guilt imprisons and affects your life? 

Conscious or unconscious guilt is one of the most blocking factors in all areas of your life and limits your self-esteem. 

Either because of choices that you would make differently today, an opportunity that you missed, because of being in a difficult situation, something that you carry from childhood and even the guilt that comes from the past and family origin, there are countless examples and all of this will creating energy limitations that prevent your happiness and manifestations. 

Come join me in this Light Language and Sound Healing Retreat where you will receive different energy cures to clean and heal the weight of guilt that is affecting you:

  • the functioning of your chakras and your life force

  • on your physical - like weight problem, digestive system and joints

  • in the mental - lack of clarity, focus problem 

  • in the emotional - apathy, procrastination, sadness

  • in the material - in your prosperity and professional growth

  • in relationships 

  • in your spiritual growth. 

Mother Mary and Archangel Gabriel presented themselves as those who will be leading the healing energies of this retreat. 

The Language of Light is a channeling of sacred codes of light, sound, sacred geometry, divine rays that act in our cellular memory, at the DNA level, a very high vibration frequency of the Creator and the Divine Energies that help our healing, our ascension process for the restoration of our soul gifts and strength of our God Self. 

When we release the weight and effect of guilt, we return to our original flow, we rescue our inner strength for the expansion of our reality. 

Imagine how many shifts, transformations, achievements and expansion you can accomplish by letting go of all guilt? 

** This will retreat will be in Portuguese, if you are interested in this retreat in english please let me know, send me an email at so I can schedule a data 

Additional Information: 

When: 5/30/2023 Tuesday at 8pm São Paulo- Brazil time gmt-3

duration 1 hour

By Zoom Video Conferencing.

This meeting will be recorded and sent to all participants within 24 hours after the end of the experience.

Even if it is not possible for you to be online, you can participate, by registering you will be glued to the egregore of the experience and receive all the benefits through the recording.

Note: If accessing the Zoom link is via a computer, it is not necessary to download the application. If accessing the video conference is via cell phone, it is necessary to install the free application. There is also the option of accessing the audio of this experience by telephone. All this information will be together with the access link. 


BRL 80.00 per participant

Payment can be made by bank transfer / Pix or card via Paypal. Check it out below. 

Registration to participate online can be made until 6 pm on 05/30/23, after that time, the registrations received will be placed in the egregore of the experience and the recording sent up to 24 hours after the end of the experience.

Thanks! Your registration has been completed. Once the payment is processed you will receive the zoom link by email.

Payment methods


Payment by Bank Transfer:  


My bank details are: 
Bank: Bradesco 237 Branch: 0516 Current Account: 202614-7 Name: Patricia Merkler CPF: 178.132.298-86

My Pix key is my CPF

obs.: please send proof of transfer to my email

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