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Online Group Call  - Portal 777

Activate your Divine Wisdom 

07/07/2023 (Friday) at 8pm Sao Paulo, Brazil time gmt-3

Your Being as an Infinite Soul has a great force of Universal Divine Intelligence and all the higher knowledge and wisdom acquired by you throughout your existences.

I invite you to participate in the Experience Portal 777 Activate Your Divine Wisdom that I will be conducting online via zoom on 07/07/23 at 20:00


It will be a meditative journey with many energetic activations to restore your connection with the Divine Intelligence of your Soul, activate the knowledge that is part of your gifts and that are aligned with your divine plan.


Expand your ability to create through your inner knowings and expand your connection to the New Earth so that you can bring all of your unique knowledge to serve the Earth and humanity in a more expansive way.


​This healing journey will be in conjunction with the energies of Celestial Beings, Masters Sananda, who is the Cosmic force of Master Jesus and Merlin.


The experience will be recorded and all content sent by email to all participants will be sent within 24 hours after the end.


Even if it is not possible for you to be online, you can participate, by registering you will be glued to the egregore of the experience and receive all the benefits through the recording.


Registration to participate online can be made until 6 pm on 07/07/23, after that time, the registrations received will be placed in the egregore of the experience and the recording sent up to 24 hours after the end of the experience.


I'm waiting for you! When we are together our intentions are enhanced!

Additional Information: 

07/07/2023 (Friday) from 8 pm to 9 pm - São Paulo, Brazil time gmt-3

By Zoom Video Conferencing.

Note: If accessing the Zoom link is via a computer, it is not necessary to download the application. If accessing the video conference is via cell phone, it is necessary to install the free application. There is also the option of accessing the audio of this experience by telephone. All this information will be together with the access link. 

*This Group Call will be held in Portuguese, if you are interested in receive all this healings and activations in English, please let me know and we can schedule a special date for it, send me an email at


BRL 80.00 per participant

Payment can be made by bank transfer / Pix or card via Paypal. Check it out below. 

Thanks! Your registration has been completed. Once the payment is processed you will receive the zoom link by email.

Payment methods


Payment by Bank Transfer:  


My bank details are: 
Bank: Bradesco 237 Branch: 0516 Current Account: 202614-7 Name: Patricia Merkler CPF: 178.132.298-86

My Pix key is my CPF

obs.: please send proof of transfer to my email

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